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Custom site solutions tailored to your goals with growth in mind. Our site packages are designed to scale along side your business. This means as you grow and require more complex functionality, we can turn it on at the flip of a switch. Ecommerce, Blogs, membership sites, etc. You name it, we can do it.
High caliber photos for Products, Special Events, Marketing/Promotional materials, and beyond. Our team has the tools and tactics to capture virtually anything you need.
High converting sales funnel for your products or services. Suck in leads, increase sales, build your audience, and build your business. Whether you have physical or digital info products. We create strategically captivating sales funnels that will get them sold.
Carefully captured to convey the message and emotions you desire. Whether it's content for your YouTube Channel, a Sales Video for a product, TV Commercial, or a Special Event. Our team has the tools and experience in the creative world that you'll need to bring your vision to life.
Ranking high in search results is vital to success online. Whether it's on Google, YouTube, Yahoo, or any other search engine. Getting your content seen first is our goal. Having high quality SEO results in free traffic to your business. Who doesn't like free traffic?
We are rooted in creativity. With years of experience in art and digital design in a wide variety of software tools we can create graphics for anything you need. From business logos, to business cards, magazines, brochures, apparel, video animations, and more. We will turn your dream into reality.
Our team grew up with social media as the backbone of our lifestyle. Digital advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube is a sure fire way to drive sales and grow your business but only if you know what you're doing. We utilize strategies that get you the best possible results for the lowest possible costs. We even offer Influencer Marketing outreach services!
Being efficient on social media takes massive amounts of effort and attention to details. We are experts at branding and together with your goals in mind we can create the social footprint your business deserves by employing advanced social engineering tactics that drive people straight into your brand. We have vast experience on all social platforms and we will turn your followers into raving fans.
Honesty and transparency are two rules we operate by at Primal Media. Anyone can tell you they can get you results. We will show you our personal results, and the path we will take to get you yours.
Apps for Android and iOS can be valuable tools for your business. We live in a world where people want convenience. Putting your business in the palm of your customers hands and making it a tap away is huge. Having a native app on your customers phones also gives you the ability to send them push notifications and quick access to all of your content and resources. 
Contrary to popular belief, email is far from dead and there's still a lot of money to be made through email marketing. It's one of the best ways to follow up with your customers and push out updates about your business. From writing your email copy to developing complex conditional automated email sequences and funnel optimizing. We can do it all. Studies show 80% of sales are made in the follow up. Email should be an element of your overall follow up strategy.
We're partnered directly with the global giant Gooder Labs LLC for all of our clients printing needs. From 3 part forms to apparel and promotional products. The good folks at Gooder Labs can accomplish whatever printing job you need. Business cards, t-shirts, embroidery, sublimation, decals, hats, signage, screen printing, marketing materials, and so much more
Blogging, Vlogging, Podcasting, and a wide variety of other content mediums are great tools for brand exposure that can result in free traffic to your business. We have experience in all forms of content creation and can help you build it as well as teach you how to be a creator yourself. Valuable, compelling, evergreen content ranked high with great SEO will drive free traffic and revenue to your products and services for life.
Our team has over a collective century worth of experience in the world of business. Every day in our line of work we have to create strategic solutions to extremely complex problems. Strategy is in our DNA at Primal Media. Whether you need help mapping out your next sales funnel, creating a digital info product, or building your entire business model. Together we can form the perfect strategy for your vision.
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